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May 15, 2020 by Zaid Nisar with 0 comments

Apple iPad Is The Best Gadget Of The COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in us getting hooked to various technology and gadgets that we may require the most. During this pandemic, the technological devices have helped us to work from home and communicate with our office co-workers. It has also helped us to keep ourselves entertained. However, there is one device that excels in all these three tasks and offers more – the Apple iPad. Even for companies in Pakistan, the Apple iPad has been extremely beneficial. Scroll down to know why the iPad is the pandemic’s go-to gadget.

In September 2019, IPad’s latest entry-level model was introduced by Apple which was priced at $329. Apple organized a glitzy product event where Apple displayed a variety of latest iPhones the price range of which varied from $699 to $1,099. However, the tablet computers didn’t get much attention in that event. The iPad is usually been considered as a lesser in-demand device which is why it’s treated as a secondary option in comparison with smartphones and computers. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the iPad is now becoming a need of the hour. It needs some serious consideration.

Best device for work and communication

The coronavirus has made us realize that all the tech devices are not really required and only the most essential devices are required most of the time. The key reason behind why iPad is now proving to be a better device than a smartphone is because the features which are required from a tech device, such as, communication tools, internet connection, entertainment, and computing device are effective to use in an iPad in comparison with the other tech devices.

A major benefit of using iPad is that it offers a bigger screen in comparison with the iPhone, which eventually facilitates in many ways such as, getting a much better view of programs and movies on YouTube and Netflix. Moreover, with the assistance of apps like Zoom and FaceTime, the iPad has started to outshine at video conferencing as well.

Furthermore, it can also be used as a budget computer just by attaching a good keyboard, and with the help of a decent internet connection it can be used effectively for the purpose of preparing documents, drafting emails, and surfing the web. All these benefits can be availed at half the price of a regular iPhone. iPad not only offers almost all the features which people usually require from a tech device, however, it is also available at quite an affordable price.

There are different models of the Apple iPad in Pakistan that can be availed by the users. Users often compare Apple iPad price in Pakistan with other laptops or tablets. For that, we have highlighted two of the best Apple iPad in Pakistan models that provide value for money. One of the best of all the available models for the users of iPad in Pakistan is the Apple iPad Air 2.

The Apple iPad Air 2 price in Pakistan is Rs. 47500. The main specs of Apple iPad Air 2 include 9.7″ display, 6.1mm size, A8X chip, M8 motion co-processor, and iOS 8.1. Another viable but relatively expensive option is the Apple iPad mini 5. The Apple iPad mini 5 price in Pakistan is Rs. 93500. Main specs of iPad mini include a RAM of 2 GB, storage 64 GB, 256 GB, a display size of 7.9 inches, IPS, 2048 x 1536 pixels, 24 bit, a camera of 3264 x 2448 pixels, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 30 fps and a 5124 mAh, Li-Ion battery.

In April 2020, Apple released its new iPhone SE which offers not only a better camera but also improved internals in comparison with its predecessor. However, considering the fact that the global economic situation is becoming challenging, it can be said that it’s not the best time of the year to buy an iPad.  Even though it is difficult to recommend anyone to buy any tech device in the current situation but if anyone feels that their above-mentioned needs can’t be met with their existing tech device and can spend some money to buy a new one, then an iPad would be a highly recommended tech device.

Great device for recreation

Ipad can also be used as an effective device to read books. Reading applications such as Amazon Kindle, Inkitt, etc can make reading on digital devices a better experience than reading in print. Users can zoom in on individual panels, plus the screen is bright enough that you won’t need to turn on a reading lamp. By using your iPad, you can spend several hours a day watching YouTube videos regarding everything from baking to DIY home improvement. For users of Apple iPad in Pakistan, this device can be a great video-playing companion.

Better than competitors

So users of Apple iPad in Pakistan may ask why they should purchase the iPad and not another tablet computer. After all, all essential tasks can be done on much cheaper tablets. However, those cheaper devices are usually much slower and have inferior screens. When it comes to value for money, the iPad is the best tablet on the market. Moreover, the iPad is also cheaper and provides better value when compared with other expensive laptops such as Lenovo, Dell, and HP.


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