Zalmi Star Darren Sammy To Be Given Nishan-e-Pakistan On 23 March

Daren Sammy citizenship

Daren Sammy receives citizenship and the highest civilian award by President Arif Alvi. As one of the best players in PSL 2020, we see how the people of Pakistan adore him.

Daren Sammy awarded with Highest-Civilian Award

Today, on 23rd February, Daren receives love from the people of Pakistan. Daren tweeted and thanked the government of Pakistan and PCB by saying that he, along with other foreign cricketers love playing here.

Furthermore, Daren Sammy has contributed a lot to PSL. Daren was quite excited before PSL began this year, he had been tweeting all about his love for Pakistan.

Counting his love, he even tweeted in Pushto for his fans to connect on another level with him. His sweet gestures have made us fall in love with his sweet personality.

After receiving so much love from the people of Pakistan, our government decided to award him with our nationality. That being said, he has been doing his best to indulge players to play for PSL. Daren Sammy is now the Captain of Peshawari Zalmi, a team owned by Javed Afridi.

Indian media tries to report and gets trolled instead!

When spoken with media, Daren mentioned that he felt honored for receiving Nishan-e-Pakistan. Nishan-e-Pakistan is awarded to citizens who have worked for the betterment of our country and brought peace and prosperity to the nation.

Meanwhile, the Indian media took this gesture to a whole new level. India media claims that our government awarded Daren Sammy with Nishan-e-Haider. As funny as this might seem to a normal person, it cramps my intelligence on how low one can stoop to disregard one’s success.

However, Nishan-e-Haider is only awarded to martyrs, we probably should’ve told you this after the memes started to circulate.

Anyways, we appreciate all the international players who came out to play in Pakistan. We love their enthusiasm and their gestures which they have bestowed us with.

On the other hand, I only wish that Indian media, for once, see the positive side of Pakistan and let Indian players play in PSL. There are many fans of Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambir, who would love to see them in action. Not all fans can afford international trips.

Anyway, looking forward to PSL and being excited about it ignites electricity in all of us. We all love cricket and these heroes keep making our days brighter and brighter. I hope this PSL season is as exciting as the previous ones and everyone goes home happy!

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