How To Prepare Cicadas – An Unknown Delicacy!

how to prepare cicadas

Pakistanis love experimenting with food, of course when it comes into the boundaries of being halal. This can include insects as well. Many other countries are encouraging to use various insects within dishes. These include beetles, grasshoppers, cockroaches etc. Even though eating insects sounds unhealthy and scary, but they have their own nutritional benefits. Better to start cleaning up the kitchen for preparing dishes of the infamous ‘cicada’. Not to mention, cicadas are proven to be a delicacy in different parts of Asia as well as Europe. This is because of the insect’s unique flavor and diverse health benefits.



People that have eaten the insect mention that it tastes similar to shrimp and the vegetable asparagus, especially after boiling. However, when you eat them raw they tend to have a butter-like flavor! It depends on the way that you cook it to ensure the kind of flavor that oozes out. It is also pretty easy to catch the insect because it seems to be available at the most convenient places. Hence, it simplifies the experimenting process. Though, people that are generally scared of insects would experience a difficult in catching them.

The Process Of Cooking Cicadas – The Ultimate Recipe:

It is for sure that a lot of people would not be able to consume a cicada. It seems like a hard concept to swallow a cooked insect. But there is never harm in trying! As they contain vitamins, high protein, and less fat. So if you are going for a well-balanced diet to lose a bit of weight, then cicadas can actually help. There are various ways that one can cook it. However, within the villages in Pakistan, people tend to cook them like any other meat. Therefore, the cicada recipes are usually easy.

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It all starts off with boiling water in a huge pot to then place the caught cicadas in the middle. It is to ensure that the insects are dead and their screeching stops. Then, one can season it by adding any spices with the combination of salt and pepper. However, keeping it simple in the first try with light seasonings, would be the better option. After seasoning, remove the wings of the cicadas. It is possible to consume them with the wings as well but for a better experience take them out.



Then, grease a pan to then add in the wingless cicadas. Cook till they become crispy and slightly juicy. And then you can serve it with your favorite sauce on the side. For individuals that prefer desserts, a better option is to clean and kill them the same way as before and then dip in chocolate! It retains a flavorsome taste that gets many insect lovers hooked onto.

However, before trying out any of the above cooking methods, know for sure that you are not allergic to the insect. The best way to know this would be to search for symptoms regarding a cicada allergy or visit a specialist. Any edible item that goes into the body should be entering only for the purpose to improve a person’s health.



What do you think of the situation? Do you believe that Pakistan would be able to welcome seeing cicada as a delicacy? Did you already know how to prepare any of these cicada recipes at home? Share your thoughts.

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