PPP’s Murtaza Wahab Elected As Mayor Of Karachi

Murtaza Wahab elected Karachi Mayor after defeating Hafiz Naeem one of the most prominent figures who was left with Murtaza in a final clash.

Pakistan People’s Party candidate Murtaza Wahab won Karachi’s mayoral election on Thursday. Today, the election for the Karachi mayor and deputy mayor of the port city was held by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

PPP's Murtaza Wahab elected Karachi mayor
Source: Express Tribune

The competition was tough, but Murtaza Wahab managed to secure 173 votes while Naeem Ur Rehman got 160.

Although the victory erupted the PPP party members and Ji members in a big clash.

Murtaza Wahab Elected Karachi Mayor 2023

Earlier, after being nominated as the mayor candidate, Wahab in a tweet said, “I am a Karachiite – the city is in my veins & nothing would be of a greater honor for me but to work for the betterment of our great city.

I pledge to deliver to the best of my abilities and take the entire city forward, working with all stakeholders, political and administrative.”

After the big victory, Murtaza thanked the people and his party members for their immense efforts. He tweeted, “Special thanks to all the Pakistan People’s Party workers who worked so hard to win us the city elections. We will all work together & deliver under the guidance of Chairman Bilawal #JeayBhutto.”

Resigned and Now Mayor

Back in 2021, Murtaza served as the administrator of Karachi until he resigned from his respective position in September last year.

PPP, JI workers clash after Murtaza Wahab becomes Karachi mayor, defeating  Naeem ur Rehman
Source: Geo

But why he resigned? His resignation came right after Sindh High Court’s decision to temporarily restrict Karachi Metropolitan Corporation from collecting the Municipal Utility Charges and Taxes (MUCT) through K-Electric bills.

He was then serving as Special Assistant to CM Sindh.

Asif Ali Zardari congratulated all the deputy mayors and prayed for their future.

Murtaza Wahab came under fire for various reasons, back in 2021 his statement “Karachi is changing” made netizens angry.

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