PPP Defeated At Home Ground Larkana After Shocking PS-11 Elections!

PS 11 result

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is being defeated by Moazzam Ali Abbasi in PS-11 Larkana. Abbasi is the candidate of the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), backed by PTI.

Larkana is the PPP’s home ground. A defeat here serves as a huge blow to Sindh’s most powerful political party. The election is taking place on a by-poll basis, for the PS-11 seat in Larkana.

Moreover, Larkana is thought of as the hub of PPP, a seat they had never lost and controlled since times of the party’s inception. GDA is celebrating the win as the ‘end of PPP’ Sindh.

GDA 31,557 votes – PPP 26,021

While the official result has not come out yet, Sindh has already accepted the result. PPP Co-Chieftain Bilawal Bhutto, on his official Twitter account, accepted so.

However, Junior Bhutto has claimed that the elections were rigged and the PPP will fight the result on every legal stage. GDA and PTI have been celebrating the unofficial as a win as the break of a new dawn in Sindh.

As per sources, the GDA candidate Moazzam Ali Abbasi clean-swept his home polling station. One of the results is that in Polling Station number 27, GDA bagged 869 votes while PPP managed 0. Not a single vote was given to the PPP there.

The Grand Democratic Alliance is the of that and their victory stamps it clearly. People on the internet are having an absolute ball celebrating the victory of PTI backed GDA candidate Abbasi.

Alas, the stage is set for what is to happen in the next 10 days in Pakistan. Will the opposition parties including PPP, JUI-F, and PML-N do? Will they jam Islamabad as the PTI had done in the past? Only time can tell in this episode of Pakistan’s very own Game of Thrones. For now, the PS-11  serves as a harsh reality for the PPP.

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