Post Retirement Anecdotes – How One Can Stay Sane

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What really happens after retirement? What can one do after retirement? Which activities can help you pass the time more effectively beside sitting in front of the screen and eating moong phali?

Well, we can only answer all these once we have experienced retirement. For now, I am going to tell you what my parents do (My mother retired recently while my dad retired back in 2013). After observing them I have come to a conclusion that post-retirement, the first few years are tough but then it becomes a new routine. The key to staying healthy is to keep yourself busy and to keep searching for new things.

1. Visit old offices every now and then:


Source: Odyssey

My dad does this. He visits his old mates every 6 or 7 of the month.

2. Chai time with your best friend:



It’s not like he has not done this before retirement, but things are different now. Now he makes plans with his best friend and they do little things together (car repair, paying up bills etc)

3. Online Shopping:


Source: iDiva

My mother does this (Aba Jee is not a fan of it). Every now and then she orders something and then counts down the days.

4. Share your own facebook post just for the fun of it:


Source: Tenor

The old generation is very much aware of the do’s and don’ts of social media, still, there is a lot to learn. Now that they have a lot of time, why not share a post twice?

5. Talk about life with a stranger:


Source: Tumblr

Recently we went to a furniture house and my dad started talking to the owner. They shared their views and thoughts about common things. Why we exist, the luxuries of life and so on.

6. Visiting Relatives:


Source: Her Campus

On most weekends Aba Jee goes to visit his elders (Khala and Mamo) and on evenings my mother walks to her sister’s house.

7. Walks and Long Drives:


Source: Firefly Daily

Now that both are home, they tend to go outside often. Be it walk in the morning or driving to random places.

8. Switching off duties:


Source: Pinterest

Now they sometimes change roles. Like sometimes my mother walks up to the market or buys furniture and my father cooks the meal (for those of you who are concerned what the kids do, we help them too but don’t brag about it)

9. Television:


Source: Romper

My dad likes Piku, so whenever a good movie is on air he always watches it. Whereas Mama jee prefers dramas on youtube. Back in the day, we watched a couple of crime patrol episodes but now things have changed…

10. Gardening: 


Source: GIFSoup

The best way to kill time in a very positive way.

 It’s obvious that your life doesn’t end after retirement. It just takes a turn to a different road. You just have to get used to of this new path and everything that comes your way.

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