This Post By Pakistan Cricket Team’s Kainat Imtiaz About India’s Jhulan Goswami Is SO Inspiring!

Whenever we hear the words India and Pakistan, we know nothing good will come out of it. Given how the arch rivals are always ready to bash each other, each time India goes against Pakistan in a match, it is filled with rage and bitterness. Just like our politics, we are never easy on the Indians and vice versa.

However, in these past few days, we have seen how our public figures especially the sports’ officials have been doing their best to promote love present between the two countries.

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Images like these spread positivity, amidst all the hatred and negativity spread by the likes of Rishi Kapoor and Virender Sehwag. Something like this is what Pakistan Women’s team Kainat Imtiaz did after going face-to-face against India in yesterday’s match.

While our women showed an unimpressive batting performance against India and couldn’t win, the match ended on the levels of great sportsmanship shown by the ladies in Green. Speaking of which, Kainat Imtiaz shared a picture with Indian bowler Jhulan Goswami and shared an inspiring story that made her a cricketer she is today.

Let me share a story with you all. 
In 2005 I saw the Indian team for the 1st time as the Asia Cup was held in Pakistan. I was the ball picker during the tornament… I saw @jhulangoswami. The fastest bowler of that time. I was so impressed that I chose cricket as a career. Specifically fast bowling. ? 
It’s a proud moment for me as after 12 years today in 2017 I am playing this ODI World Cup with one of my inspirations and getting more inspired……. ?❤

Instagram: Kainat Imtiaz

It is inspiring how the player of our arch rival motivated Kainat Imtiaz to opt for the particular sport. Kainat credited Goswami for the motivation present in her, insinuating a message that goes beyond hatred.

It is indeed a very inspiring story shared by Kainat. Aside from this, it also promotes a message of peace between the countrymen of the two nations!

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