5 Unorthodox Ways To Celebrate New Year’s And Make A Difference!

In today’s day and the world, we’ve become so self-centered, that all we usually do is focus on ourselves. It’s all me, me, me and me, without any mention of ‘US’. For us to spread positivity this year, and try to take everyone together, here are a few things we should do, which will make us and the people around us extremely happy.

1. Provide warm clothes for the poor in this cold weather

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This new year, instead of buying expensive clothes for yourself, you can buy warm clothes for the poor people who cannot afford it themselves. So many people around us live on the streets and this cold weather makes life tougher for them.

2. Cater to the needs and wishes of differently-abled people around you

To build positivity around you, you can cater to the needs and wishes of the differently-abled people as shown in the Nestlé Fruita Vitals’ video. The brand talks about how communicating with others, especially those who are struggling, is important. The video has definitely made us change our New Year’s resolution, what about you? Note: the lead actor in the video is actually deaf and mute.

3. Many people are unaware of when they were born, celebrate their birthday!

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There might be so many people around you, old or young, who might not know their birthdate. It could be a houseworker, a driver, a maid or even a chowkidaar. This new year, you can celebrate their birthday on the 1st of January, something they will never forget!

4. Buy a new year present for a neighbor you don’t know well

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We all have neighbors, some who we know, some who are our friends, and some who we’ve never spoken to. Again, this new year, we should go from me to us, and maybe, bring them a home-cooked meal or a present, just so in the future there is more interaction and positivity.

5. Meet with a long-lost friend and take them out for lunch

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Friends are the brothers we choose for ourselves, and along the way, there are many friends that we forget or leave behind. This new year, we can contact an old long-lost friend and take them out for lunch or dinner, mending the broken fences and spreading absolute positivity!

Let us, together, one step at a time, build a Pakistan where people do not just think about themselves but care for other people just as their own family. The Nestlé Fruita Vitals video suggests just that with their unorthodox New Year’s resolution! To be righteous, one has to be selfless. Happy New Year!

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