7 Posh Schools Of Pakistan That Give Your Children A ‘Burger’ Environment!

Posh Schools Of Pakistan

The building capability of any individual residing in a well-nourished society depends on the basics he has been taught since childhood. As the education industry has turned towards a money-making stance in the last few years, the quality of education is believed to be compromised. Among many private schooling systems of Pakistan, there still are some posh schools that provide its students with facilities that help in their grooming.

Posh Schools of Pakistan that are considered to be the first choice of parents for their children!

As the education criteria of the country is always seen facing a harsh time when it comes to providing quality education, unfortunately, there are some names in the education industry that are making others suffer. Taking the preferences of Pakistani parents in the notice, there are a good number of posh schools operating in the country that gives its students a facilitative ‘burger’ environment and obviously, they are expensive.

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1. Karachi Grammar School (KGS), Karachi: Many Pakistani parents used to prefer a segregated environment for their child’s school but with time, the trend has changed. In order to ace at studies and societal values as well, KGS is undoubtedly an expensive name in the industry but it ensures to blend in the proper valuation of a child. It is said to be the oldest school network working in the metropolis since 1874 and is currently one of the leading education forums in the field.


2. Convent Of Jesus And Mary School, Lahore: Continuing the ‘only girls’ stane among other famous schools, Convent of Jesus and Mary School is the right choice if you are finding a worthy educational institute for a girl. Operating more than 5 branches in different cities of Pakistan, this school is serving the market since 1876. The quality of education and the facilities provided in this school are up to the mark and taking the security perspective, Convent as it is commonly called, has built a trusted name among the masses.


3. The City School (TCS), Karachi: Following the United Kingdom (UK) curriculum of education for its primary section and Pakistani/Cambridge syllabus for its secondary section, TCS has proved itself in a short passage of time. With an excellent growth rate in the last few years, this educational institute is now operating more than 150 branches across Pakistan. Among other old well-maintained schools of the country, TCS is said to be established in 1978.

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4. Lahore Grammar School (LGS), Lahore: Having a tough admission criterion, Lahore Grammar School is solely affiliated with the Cambridge Board of International Education. The O Level and A Level programs offered in this school test the intellect level of a student to the core which develops a proper guideline for his/her upcoming future. Considered to be the best school in Lahore, LGS has sure set its standard high and is carrying a well-portrayed name among other private schools.

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5. Beaconhouse School System, Karachi: Currently operating more than 25 branches across Pakistan, Beconhouse has set itself apart from the private schools and is now considered to be a posh institute of the country. The school holds the motto ‘seek the light’ and is definitely preaching its students to adhere to the motto since 1975. A number of useful facilities and providing the children with a quality education is what separates this Beconhouse from the rest.

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6. Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur: Considered to be the largest school in Pakistan, this school covers a large area as compared to other private institutions. Sadiq Public School also comes in the list of the oldest schools operating in Pakistan as it came into existence in the year 1954 (even before the partition). This education sector offers programs from Kindergarten to O and A Levels serving quality education to children of all age groups.


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7. Bay View High School, Karachi: Working in the educational field since 1994, Bay View has made itself a reliable choice for parents by its top-notch facilities and remarkable performance. This school holds an important name in the list of famous posh schools operating in Pakistan and has managed to gain positive popularity among the masses.

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