Porto Montenegro Offers Citizenship By Investment Program (CBIP) For Pakistanis

Porto Montenegro Citizenship Pakistanis

In the last few years, Pakistan has witnessed a surge among individuals and families that want to migrate to different countries across the world. The main reason for Pakistanis to seek citizenship of those countries like Porto Montenegro is for gaining access to greater freedom of mobility, secure investment opportunities and also to have better healthcare facilities for them and their families, outside Pakistan.

One of the most promising options available to Pakistanis seeking migration is the “Citizenship by Investment” in Porto Montenegro. It is currently offered by quite a few European countries. Citizenship by Investment allows foreigners to become a citizen by simply making an investment in a specific area.

The criteria for the program varies from country to country. Many countries have focused on foreign investment towards business setup and local job creation. On the other hand, other countries encourage investment in real estate or having non-refundable contributions to certain government development funds.

Among all these programs by European countries, the most notable is in Montenegro. It is a small but beautiful country in Europe. The Citizenship by Investment Program (CBIP) is now available in one of the Europe’s most attractive areas, Porto Montenegro.

Overview of Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is situated in the Tivat Municipality on the coast of Montenegro – a country in southeast Europe. It could be a perfect option for individuals looking to live in a luxury residential village. The place also offers international retail and dining facilities with world-class bars and bistros. It also provides a wide range of sports, leisure, and cultural amenities, bringing together established international brands and local businesses.

About Montenegro’s Citizenship by Investment Program (CBIP)

Similar to other programs, Montenegro has recently launched its Citizenship by Investment Program (CBIP). This program aims to encourage foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country. Montenegro’s newest neighborhood, Boka Place, (qualified for Montenegrin CBIP) provides an amazing investment opportunity to Pakistani citizens that want to acquire a second citizenship for travelling and are looking to invest for a better future.

Porto Montenegro Invites Pakistanis to discover the world with Montenegro's  Citizenship by Investment Program! - page3
Source: Porto Montenegro

For citizens from Pakistan and other parts of the world, BOKA Place promises to be an amazing investment opportunity. It is also a world class holiday destination for people travelling to Europe. Spread across six buildings and designed around a central square, Boka Place includes a mixture of hotel-managed and private apartments, penthouses and duplexes. They cater to the core requirements of a variety of investors. 

For the purpose of entering the program, applicants are required to make an investment of €450,000 in a government-approved development project along with a donation of €100,000 to a Montenegrin government development fund.

Porto Montenegro invites Pakistanis to discover world with Montenegro's  Citizenship by Investment
Source: Porto Montenegro

Some of the most important prerequisites for the applicants includes a valid passport and the ability to illustrate that the investment funds have been obtained legally. A grand total of 2,000 citizenship applications are available for potential citizens in a span of three years. The program expires when the quota is filled or the three-year period lapses.

Advantages of getting a Montenegrin citizenship

Getting a citizenship of Montenegro provides various benefits. Having a Montenegrin passport allows citizens to have visa-free movement to 124 countries countries across the world. Moreover, you will become a citizen of a country that is expected to become an official member of the European Union by 2025.

Porto Montenegro Invites Pakistanis to discover the world with Montenegro's  Citizenship by Investment Program! - page3
Source: Porto Montenegro

In a nutshell, Montenegro is a beautiful country. It is well developed and culturally rich. The multilingual culture and community of Montenegro, makes it an ideal relocation destination for individuals across the world. Moreover, the cost of living is lower compared to other countries in Europe. Moreover, tax benefits also provide incentives to individuals for migrants to gain citizenship of Montenegro.

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