Popular Corporate Giant Chops Off Trees To Place Hoardings!

In the marketing rat race big corporations often forget that their actions have gigantic repercussions, especially on the atmosphere and people around them. They claim to be socially responsible and environmentally friendly but in countries with lax environmental laws, they don’t think twice before having their way with the natural surroundings.

The Giant Destroying Trees Near Shawn Circle to Make Way for Their Hoardings


Source: Facebook

They have chopped off all the trees from the road.

The Same Billboard Over And Over Again

The trees were more versatile and original than the brand’s generic Ad-campaign


Source: Facebook

  An Environmental Hazard As Well As A Distraction

Not only is this extremely detrimental to the quality of air and environment but it is also a huge distraction to passers by …


This is only one of the countless examples of corporate giants taking advantage of countries with lenient environmental and social laws… What these companies do not understand is that at the end of the day, after every piece of nature has been destroyed “You Can’t Eat Money”

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