Clash Between Pop & Rock Music Is Firing Things Up On Social Media And Ali Azmat Has Jumped In It Too!

Social media is on fireee!!

So, just a few days ago, a major tussle between Pop vs Rock music surely triggered many music lovers, but to set more fire to it, Xulfi took it to his social media and asked his followers whether they like pop or rock music by posting a status on Facebook! Yes, he now wanted to involve the general public in this tussle!


Here’s what he had to say:

“Since I’ve been involved in the mainstream music industry, I have seen a clash between pop and rock music. A healthy clash and a friendly tussle for both artists and the audience alike. When we started doing our music, during the time of EP and then Call, it was dominantly rock. Then we saw other pop artists come in and get the audience’s attention. It encouraged us to do better and gain their attention back. And then the pop artists would try to do the same. So, as far as the competitive mentality is concerned, this clash exists here and everywhere in the world. And it is so much fun because we were all friends in life, but on stage, we knew the game was on!

 I believe there should be healthy competition. Whatever genre you like; you fight for it. You fight for your form of music and improve it. A healthy banter between musicians helps the industry evolve.”


To settle this tussle, he involved his fans and followers and finally asked them… the BIG question!

And, man…


“On that note what do you guys think? Which one artist or band in our country today truly stand for ROCK? And which one truly represents POP?”

And, yes, people gave their honest opinions!

*Drum roll*


Over to the people now…

This guy sure knows his music!

And this guy right here!

Strings all the way?

Ali Azmat aik baar phir for rock music!

 Scene on bhaii!

And Twitter was equally on fire! Hona hi tha!

Rock ftw?! Oh, yeah!

Rock vs pop? What about you?

And this!

But wait, this isn’t it…

Our very famous rock star, Ali Azmat, couldn’t resist people supporting pop music so he jumped in and actually agreed to Xulfi’s POV!

“Came across this article today, and while I wholeheartedly agree to Xulfi’s take on music and it needs to thrive, but what truly hit home is his point about this underlying clash of pop and rock in our country. This is something that I’ve personally experienced being a Rocker to the core.”

Came across this article today, and while i whole heartedly agree to zulfi’s take on music and it’s need to thrive, but…

Posted by Ali Azmat on Sunday, November 4, 2018

Here’s what Ali Azmat had to say about it in this video:

I am here and ready to defend my favourite genre: ROCK. So, this one goes out to all of my rockers.#PopVsRock #RockIsOn #RockRules #AliAzmat #Strings

Posted by Ali Azmat on Monday, November 5, 2018

Where will this tussle lead to? What do you think happens next? Let us know in the comments below!

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