This Brave Woman, With Toddler Besides Her, Sells Lunchboxes To Help Husband In Running Family

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Life in Pakistan is beautiful but it comprises of certain hardships that make life difficult.  Poverty-stricken conditions and instability in the economy make the life of citizens hard. However, one of the most inspiring aspects that we see is despite the poverty-stricken conditions many people tend to find ways to make earnings throw their innovative styles.

In addition, there are so many stories that make us smile and give us hope that lives can become far more beautiful when you have a positive mindset. In fact, women have gradually started to work on different facets so that they can make a strong living and good earning for their families. It truly inspires us to see how the entire perspective of women empowerment is finally growing in Pakistan.

This brave woman sells lunchboxes while looking after her child

A brave poor woman in Iqbal Town sells lunchboxes for a living while taking care of her child. Not only is the entire aspect inspiring but at the same time, it makes us wonder what the state of poverty actually is. This poor woman is also selling lunchboxes as well as looking after her infant daughter at the side of the road in Iqbal Town Karachi.

Although this poor woman is stuck in this devastating situation, she still feels no shame nor is she saddened with what she does, she has a bright smile on her face which melts our hearts to see the positive vibes and thinking of this woman.

When asked why she is doing so and how she is managing to take care of her infant daughter as well while doing so? She humbly replied that although her husband is earning, it isn’t enough to burden him alone and to make sure they both have enough of a living for their children. She has started to earn a fair amount as well.

And wow! It is truly inspiring to see, that she isn’t only earning because she has to but because she thinks that her husband shouldn’t be burdened as the only breadwinner of the family. In addition, she also mentions, that she is selling lunchboxes for two months and it has allowed her family to earn a little better than what their lives were before.

Twitterati applauds her courage!

We admire her effort and hard work. It makes us realize the beauty of ‘feminism’ in a real light. Feminism isn’t about women walking around with swords, rather, feminism is about how both men and women walk hand in hand with equality.

We completely adore her compassion and courage.

Although, people are extremely proud of her for her courage and have even been trying to make it viral so that she can make an even more lump-sum earning.

We truly wish her the best of luck and we hope that nothing deters her from her humble and lovable thoughts. There are so many superwomen in Pakistan it makes us wonder, is it just us or is the Naya Pakistan comprising of empowering women?

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