Neighbor Badly Thrashes Woman For Not Paying Electricity ‘Bhatta’ On Time In Karachi

neighbor thrashes woman bhatta karachi

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this story disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Citizens of Karachi continue to suffer from ‘bhatta khori‘ or extortion by mafia groups across the city who demand money to provide them protection but threaten them with dire consequences if the demands are not met. A recent incident is an example of how things went south when a neighbor thrashes a woman who could not pay her electricity bhatta on time in Karachi.

This felonious act of extorting money (mainly by threats of violence) has existed for decades in the city. The extortionists, locally called the ‘bhatta mafia’, are often young men, wielding state of the art ammunition. Moreover, they have the support of a few political parties.

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The bhatta epidemic started about two decades ago. It initially concentrated in a few of Karachi’s industrialized zones like Korangi and SITE. However, it then engulfed the whole city including shopping areas and marketplaces and became quite uncontrollable.

Mostly, it starts with one phone call where they demand a ridiculous amount. Then they give you information about where your kids study and their regular haunts. If you resist, that is where the violence begins. As happened here where the neighbor thrashes the woman who did not pay bhatta in Karachi

In a horrific incident reported by a Halaat Updates member, a woman was “badly beaten by her neighbor on delay of electricity bhatta“.

WARNING: Some viewers may find the content of this story disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

The victim was unconscious for 10 hours

woman beaten bhatta
Source: Halaat Updates
woman bhatta

The incident took place near Karachi Medical & Dental College (KMDC) on Monday. As per the report, she gained consciousness after ten hours. However, she is still unable to speak. It is pertinent to mention that on reporting the incident at Taimuria Police Station, the police paid no heed to the matter. 

Here is a picture of the accused

neighbor bhatta
Source: Halaat Updates

It is truly disappointing to see how even after so many years, the government fails to deal with this plague, which has been going on right under their noses. These struggles for the city have become ethnicized.

If our intelligence agencies can dig up and hand over hard-core militants, surely these criminals – who are very visible – can be easily caught. But the question is, will they?

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