Poor Umar Akmal Receives Heavy Trolling As He Sets Off To The US & Asks Fans For Prayers

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Pakistan’s out-of-favor cricketer Umar Akmal remains a brain-teaser. Despite a promising beginning to his career, Akmal has been unable to establish himself within the Pakistan setup. The cricketer on Friday announced his departure for the US, asking his supporters for prayers, only to get trolled.

Akmal has been out of action for the past 12 months after being banned by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for failing to report a case of spot-fixing. The PCB later allowed him to participate in club matches.

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The cricketer lately took his fans by surprise as he shared a picture of himself on Twitter, stating he would be going to the US for some “personal meetings” and may have to stay there for a while if things go well.

“I am traveling to the US for some personal meetings if all goes well I might have to stay there for some time!” wrote Akmal. “I need my supporters to pray for me like they have always prayed!”

While Akmal was simply updating about his journey, social media users were quick to take the mickey out of him. Many asked him to not return to Pakistan and stay in the US.

One user spotted the ‘SSSS’ on his boarding pass – Secondary Security Screening Selection

Trolls ask the cricketer to ‘not come back’

“Even without showing us the ticket, we would have believed you are going to the US,” wrote one.

Troll asks him to cancel the return ticket

This one totally had us in fits…

Additionally, some users speculated that Akmal might be playing for the Major Cricket League (MCL) in the US.

Akmal has been marred with various controversies. Things have not been going well for the Pakistani cricketer from a professional perspective. In February 2020, Akmal was suspended by PCB with immediate effect under Anti-Corruption Code pending investigation. He misbehaved with the fitness staff carrying out fitness tests of players at Pakistan’s National Cricket Academy (NCA).

Image: Facebook

As a result, Akmal was not allowed to participate in cricket matches including the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 till PCB’s Anti-Corruption Unit completed the investigation. In April last year, PCB banned Akmal from all forms of cricket.

In August recently, PCB cleared Akmal to play domestic cricketer as part of his rehabilitation process. It said that the decision has been taken after Akmal had shown remorse, attended an anti-corruption lecture, and participated in a Q&A session conducted by the Security and Anti-Corruption Department.

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