This Poor Innocent Boy Screams Of His Tragedies Inflicted by Authorities

This Poor Innocent Boy Screams of His Tragedies Inflicted by Authorities

It grieves us to the deepest core, listening to the narrative of this poor little boy, screaming of his miseries. He goes breathless but his heart wrenching complain doesn’t end, and it leaves us nothing but bereaved. The poor soul has to bear the burden of this unfortunate existence at such an early age. Our hearts go out to him.

Why is the poor boy questioning authorities?

It is shocking, the depth of pain in his eyes, and soreness of his words that pierce through our ears as he goes on to take authorities in his bare hands.


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He cogently questions the authority, and in doing so, rattles our state by laying his sorrowful plea against the world, “we poor children are dying! Have some shame! Have some mercy on us!”

We can’t help but mourn the tragedy of this innocent boy who has to suffer the loss of childhood, the loss of his right to live by dint of prevailing lockdown.

“God is watching you! He can see what you’re doing to us!” he cries. His complaint reeks of the authorities’ inability to help the needy and poor during the lockdown.

The point where children have come forward to question officials

Recently we have been observing children coming to the forefront, to highlight the problematic issues existing in the world. Greta Thunberg, the Swedish environmental activist who has been seen raising issues on climate change and its hazards.

Her approach is much similar, as she beseeches authorities, points out their negligence, and pleads for betterment. This young boy is maturely doing the same.

He makes his narrative clear before the world, speaks for the poor children of his community, robbed of their childhood. “I have nothing to wear on Eid. Take these what I have! Take whatever’s left! Leave us with nothing at all!” he cries.

Lockdown and its consequences

What kind of Eid should we anticipate when the children in our country are suffering? When they have nothing to eat, wear, or celebrate to. It’s just heart-wrenching. Lockdown has been extremely poor on a lot of the people belonging to the lower class.

They are dying on the streets, from hunger, from utter poverty. This child further slammed the government by eluding to their mannerism of repeatedly “glorifying” and “overstating” their help to the poor as if done some miracle. “Have some shame!” the child implores.

Who hears their narrative?

It is the poor that suffer the most – emotionally, physically, mentally, financially—all aspects that there are. You see them talk to you, you don’t just hear their words and cringe. You listen to the underlying pain and depth that represents their lives.

This child no less than a representative of his community when he continuously beseeches the government on the issue of poverty inflicting death upon the innocent children. “We young children are dying of hunger! I’m going mad in the head for I have no roti to eat!” the poor child does not stop.

When will this lockdown end?

It behooves us to remain silent when such children have stepped forward to instill shame in us. It simply behooves us to just sit and do nothing about it and remain silent at the time of crisis. We should all, in unison, request the government to relieve these children of their pain, to ease lockdown as recently proposed.

We must speak up and take the voice of these children all the way up to the authorities until they are heard, worked on, and helped with.

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