The Miracle Journey of these Badass Women Will Make You Go “Whoa”

So you ask what defines a beautiful woman? Let’s answer it for once and for all now… 

There are many Pakistani women out there who’ve struggled so much in life and it is hard to believe that they’ve come such a long way! Who said women can’t handle things? Of course, they can handle everything! Just bring it on and watch them!

Talk about changing the game plan and making decisions, these Pakistani female celebrities have come together to prove what it actually takes to be a beautiful woman. Have a look at the following names to know more about their miracle journey:

1. Muniba Mazari


Muniba, who has been in a wheelchair for over the last seven years after a car accident that led to her spinal cord injury, has been a representation of the voice of men, women, boys and girls across Pakistan on some extremely important issues related to gender inequalities, discrimination and determination not to give up and win against the odds.

2. Hadiqa Kiani


The famous Pop Singer, Hadiqa Kiani told the audience in one of her interviews that during the peak of her career, she suffered a lot because in the past, whenever something bad happened in the country, the music industry used to take the biggest blow. Apart from her career, Hadiqa got married to a UK-based Afghan businessman, Syed Fareed Sarwary but unfortunately got divorced in 2008. Despite her struggles, Hadiqa has surely upped her game like a boss!

3. Nadia Hussain


Apart from being a stunning model since the age of 19, a dentist and a mother to 4 beautiful children (now), Nadia Hussain, at the age of 34, launched her salon and clinic in 2003 and has achieved a lot of success ever since. Being a super mom, an entrepreneur a model, Nadia Hussain truly holds inspirational traits in her.

4. Amina Sheikh


Kick-starting her career as a model, Amna Sheikh truly proved herself as an actor as well. Oh, and not only that but she’s also a super mommy to a little princess and is flawlessly managing her career and family life!

5. Chef Shai

Khana Pakana

Who doesn’t know Chef Shai?! She is indeed is loved by all! Shai has worked with some of the world’s best restaurants and showcasing her expertise in almost all sorts of cuisines!

6. Sanam Saeed


The queen of hearts. Sanam has won the heart of every Pakistani because of her elegance and simplicity. How can we miss out on her prolific acting skills in Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Mera Naseeb and Diyar e Dil?

7. Vaneeza Ahmed


Many would know her by her famous ramp walks, but did you know that Vaneeza Ahmed a.k.a Vinny is also a psychologist? Vaneeza has never ceased to amaze us and we still love her for all the grace.

So much more beauty is possible when we have the strength to work with, not against.

The following video by Pond’s Miracle Journey speaks volumes of a woman’s role, and thereby, inspire other women – have a look!

WOW! Inspired much? These ladies and their miracle journey prove that it takes a lot of hard work and efforts to acquire what you aim for in life. There’s one thing for sure which is, nothing comes easily. You need to struggle, you need to strive!

We can’t be more proud of these women who, in our society, are still underestimated for various reasons. These women have surely proved themselves in every walk of life and have surely inspired us as well! Did you get goosebumps after watching this? Do you feel empowered?

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