Here Is How Our Politicians May React After The Panama Case Ends!

Possible Reactions Of Our Politicians After The Panama Case Verdict Is Announced

The verdict on the Panama Case will be out in just a matter of hours and soon there will be a flood of emotions from the political parties that are involved. Celebratory slogans must have already been thought up, as well as the speeches of concession. This decision involves our whole nation, everyone’s waiting for the verdict. Gamblers and bookies may very well have started their games. The odds have been set.

There’s no doubt about the fact that as soon as the verdict is announced, you’ll see people’s reactions popping up everywhere on your timelines. Ever wondered how our politicians will react to it? Just think about how would Ayyan Ali react if Imran Khan loses? What would Chaudhry Shujaat do if he hears that Nawaz Shareef is stepping down? We have a bit of an idea about what is going to happen after the decision is announced, and here it is:

Chaudhry Nisar May Very Well Have His Wish Come True!

Well, in one scenario, if the Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef steps down, the vacant seat would have to be taken up by a parliamentarian after voting. It has been a long desire for Chaudhry Nisar to become a Prime Minister. Does this decision hold the key to his success?

Ishaq Dar To Control Damage?

What if Nawaz Shareef really does step down, will this mean PML-N will overlook Chaudhry Nisar once again, giving powers to the Prime Minister’s close relative? Surely, arrangements would have been made if he becomes Pakistan’s leader for the remainder of the tenure till 2018.

Will Maryam Nawaz Tweet From Jail?

She is already in a mess because of the electricity tweet which she posted a year ago. Is is about time that she needs to stop tweeting, or will she continue to do so (even in jail)?

D-Chowk, Here We Come!

There are people who believe Imran Khan will lose. What does this mean for the country? Not sure about that, but there is a possibility that Imran Khan would rally a crowd at D-Chowk. A second home to PTI members, as the opposition says, he will accept Supreme Court’s verdict. Do you think he will?

“Ye Bik Gai Hai Gormint!” (Judiciary As Well)

PTI supporters will gather in support of Imran Khan, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they’ll make Aunty Gormint go viral again by chanting slogans against the government and the  corrupt judiciary system.

“Jo Bhi Ho, Bhutto Zinda Hai!” – Bilawal Bhutto

Let us all face the reality, Zinda hai Bhutto, Zinda hai – the immortality potion that keeps him alive even at such a crucial stage of the country, surely makes every PPP member look away from national issues and focus on themselves.

Sheikh Rasheed, The Ultimate Pindi Boy, Would Finally Stop His Chase!

Legend says that Sheikh Rasheed is still on a run on the streets of Rawalpindi. Locals have given him a refuge and security forces are getting tired of searching for him. With all eyes on the Supreme Court, does this mean Sheikh Rasheed can finally relax?

Someone Will Receive Ek Pappi Idhr, Ek Pappi Udhr

panama case

Coming out as a victor in such a high level of the suit in Supreme Court, it goes without saying that MQM’s Altaf Hussain will not stop himself from congratulating the winning party. He has his own methods, and surely they are known by all!

What do you guys think will be the outcome of the verdict? What will be the reaction of politicians and the public? What is to become of Pakistan after this? Let us know in the comments!

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