This Policeman Tried To Misuse His Legal Authority While Traveling & It Backfired Immediately!

Policeman Misuse Legal Authority

The political decorum of Pakistan these days is no less than any turmoil as the opposing alliances are playing a pivotal role in defaming and dragging down the incumbent Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government. Not just cross border enemies but with the passage of time, the interfering politicization of the policing system has rotten it to the core. Nearly every dawn brings up another unreliability story related to the country police and yet again, this on-duty police officer is being called out by the public for trying to use his authoritative powers illegally.

Another shameful act by the country police showing influence over the general public!

Till now, only in the current year, numerous cases related to police officials mistreating civilians have been reported but no proper action wasn’t taken against the perpetrators. In the first week of October, a video of Lahore traffic police messing with a citizen went viral on the internet and Pakistanis had the dominant adherence to blame. This time around, a video of an on-duty policeman engaging in a brawl with a bus conductor after he refused to pay the fare because he is a law enforcing personnel instantly caught many eyeballs and Pakistanis seem furious.

This is the video of the policeman justifying his wrong approach and trying to pressurize the bus conductor by his authoritative powers!


Gepostet von Khawaja Moon am Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2019

In the clip, as the bus conductor came towards the policeman to get the fare, he clearly nodded and said that he is going to work which started an argument between the two. Talking in the Punjabi language, while both the parties were engaged in a wrangle, no other passenger stood against the unfairness. In between, the bus conductor took his phone out and started recording a video of the police officer which has now become trending stuff on social media.

The video circulating on the internet and the reaction of Pakistanis!

Nearly every Pakistani has at some point in life witnessed such illegal use of power from state officials providing reasons to not trust the authorities anymore. While the police of any country are responsible to protect the citizens from ugly, in Pakistan, its the total opposite and the citizens don’t feel safe under police influence. The video is just another filthy addition to the rammed up cases regarding security forces operating within the country and the nation is really fuming.

Such unlawful show of power has broken the trust of citizens over the police!

What do such irresponsible policemen even try to prove?

Exactly! Fight for you right or see it getting drilled in the filthy system prevailing in the country!

“Is begairat ko dismiss karna chahiye, awaam ke tax se tankhwa letay bhi aur kiraya na denay par badmashi bhi kartay hain!”

“Pakistan awaam bedaar ho chuki hai. Ye kal tak hukumranon ke gireband bhi aisay hi pakregi ‘hisaab kaddo’!”

Among such crucial time in terms of economic instability and the escalating Kashmir dispute, Pakistan is already in severe agitation and then the civil servants using state-provided authority against the citizens is completely unacceptable. Last month, a Lahore police officer disrespected an elderly lady and the recording of the incident made Pakistanis curse the corrupt police system. Well, it’s great that gradually, the nation is getting woke and has started speaking up against the maltreatment of influential government representatives.

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