A Policeman In Islamabad Was Involved In A Child Pornography Racket And Ye Kaisay Muhafiz Hain Hamaray?

In the last few years, Pakistan has seen many unfortunate events regarding sexual abuse. Reportedly, only in the last year, around 10 minors were sexually abused every day in the country. The security conditions in Pakistan were hugely ignored by the law enforcing agencies and the culprits were on the loose. Last few months, were a sigh of relief for the citizens as the derailed security conditions were seen being controlled but still, there are gaps which need to be filled within.

A policeman from Islamabad had involvement in a child pornography racket!

Recently, another heart-wrenching news broke in from Pakistan’s Islamabad area. The local police identified a child pornography racket working in Islamabad with the involvement of a police officer. Along with an accomplice, a policeman named Shahzad Khaliq was involved in jeopardizing minors into performing exploiting acts. Both, the policeman and his accomplice were then arrested from Islamabad’s G-9 sector after a victim told everything to his parents.

Times of Islamabad

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The 16-year-old boy who was a victim was long out of his house and his parents were searching for him. It was when the 16-year-old was seen coming out of the culprits’ house. Later, the teenager opened up about everything happened and his parents filed a complaint against the culprits. During the search, the police found explicit videos of several kids with the policeman and his accomplice in one of the culprit’s mobile phone.

SP Amir Niazi to lead the investigation further!

Gathering major evidence, the Inspector General (IG) of Police, Islamabad ordered to form an investigation team. The team will be lead by the Superintendent of Police (SP) of the Capital, Amir Niazi. The investigation team will now find more names involved in the indecent activities going on in Islamabad and will then create a strategy to eradicate those filthy elements.


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Time to time, such incidents are reported but no proper punishment is given which encourage such sick minds to pull off another crime. People involved in these filthy crimes must be punished to the extent that it sets an example for other like-minded criminals. The law enforcing agencies of the country should now wake up as in the end, the ones suffering are citizens.

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