Karachi Police Arrests 4 Suspects & Recovers 20,000 Surgical Masks!

recovering masks

As Pakistan falls into the dark abyss of fear arising from the outspread of the infamous Coronavirus. There are some greedy vultures in human skin who are trying to benefit from the life-threatening epidemic. Recently, the Karachi police successfully raided and arrested 4 suspects who were selling surgical masks at exceptionally high prices. The raid even led to recovering of 20,000 surgical masks.

karachi police arrests suspects recovers masks

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Concerns About The Police Arrest!

Ever since the first two cases of Coronavirus have emerged on the surface, the fear of its outbreak has panicked the world population. Especially, precautionary items like surgical masks are highly in demand.

Nevertheless, for some people, life is a profit-loss statement. They literally don’t care whether their societal brothers or sisters are up to any good or not. The orate points towards the current situation where surgical masks are being sold for 1000% profit after their shortage. Reports tell that the mask which was available for 45 rupees is now being sold for 400 rupees.

karachi police arrests suspects recovers masks

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According to the news reports, the police raided the area of Kharadar located within Karachi. The orders of the raid, however, were given by the Supreme Court on the grounds of cracking down the hoarders.

Followed by the raid, the police also happened to find more than 20,000 surgical masks from the suspects, which the hoarders were planning to sell on double profit.

The Sindh Rangers also conducted a raid in the locality of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, this Sunday. From there, the rangers happened to recover around 70,000 surgical masks.

Recent Update On The Coronavirus Crisis! 

Undoubtedly, Pakistan is taking every possible measure to prevent the outspread of the deadly Coronavirus, when the death toll has passed over 3,000, globally. Speaking of which reports tell that the first two cases diagnosed until now are constantly under observation and subsequently are out of harm’s way.

Nonetheless, the World Health Organisation(WHO) indicates their satisfaction over the certain measures taken by Pakistan’s health authorities as an attempt to spread the outbreak.

WHO’s Pakistan representative Dr. Palitha Mahipala said: “I am impressed by the swift and diligent way, the government has handled the crisis so far.

Last but not least, the representative promised that WHO will surely extend help from its hand to Pakistan in case of need.

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