PIA Crash First Responder Is A Policeman Who Risked His Life For Saving Passengers

PIA Crash First

Pakistani Police are infamous for their corruption and incompetency. However, many do not see the other side of the coin. When it comes to fighting against national calamity, there is no nation like Pakistan and its people, including the police force.

Recently, the sad incident of the PIA plane crash wreaked havoc on Pakistan. In such a bleak scenario, at the spur of the moment authorities were confused about how to tackle the incident. Although authorities initiated rescue works, the scenario was devastating. Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah ordered IGP and Commissioner Karachi to ensure all possible relief operations at the crash site.

Similarly, the Pakistan army sent its Quick Reaction Force and Sindh Rangers Sindh troops to the incident site for relief and rescue work alongside civil administration.

The unsung hero

The police worked tirelessly and rescued people from the incident. As the police are the front line force before any other authority, police reached the place of incident. One of such brave Police heroes fell unconscious after saving others owing to the presence of carbon dioxide in the ambiance. The gallant personnel was one of the first to reach the place of catastrophe; he worked there for hours before getting unconscious.

As per a tweet, “He reached PIA crash site as the first responder & took part in the search & rescue operations for hours until he collapsed due to suffocation.”

People on social media are praising the hero of Sindh police  and sending him blessings in the following manners:

This guy is proud of the police

‘Thank you to this brave man’

Do you agree? Shall there be an institution just like ISPR for police as well?

‘Allah give him Shifa and long life’

‘He deserves our appreciation and love’

Many are thanking him

Above all, Pakistanis are proud of the gallant Jawan of police, who with his efforts rescued many. At every juncture, be it pandemic of coronavirus or any emergency, the police come first to rescue people. They are also the ones, who have been working at the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19. Recently a policeman in K-P lost his life to COVID-19 as he was performing his duty.


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