Punjab Police Slammed For Registering An FIR Against A Three-Year-Old Boy

Punjab Police Slammed For Registering An FIR Against A Three-Year-Old Boy

Police FIR child

Out of all the bizarre and weird things that happen in Kamoke this incident where the Punjab police actually hold a three-year-old child accountable. The reason for this brutality was that there was a religious gathering at this boy’s house.


The minute the news went viral, netizens are completely enraged and furious for such indecency. How can a three-year-old be held accountable?

In the past a series of incidents have occurred; but never, did we get to here some department holding a little innocent child accountable for it. The three-year-old child, named Fazal Abbas who doesn’t even know much about his whereabouts is being bullied by the police.

Netizens angered with Punjab police for registering FIR of a child!

Simultaneously, the people are not at all happy with this type of police brutality.

In fact, they are persistent that the police cancel the FIR immediately. Not only this, but most people are also calling out the authorities for being so unethical and harsh.

The fact that the judiciary will overlook the boy being a minor or little child is equally horrid and brutal.

It is truly heartbreaking to see how different episodes of police brutality tend to torment so many people; even not leave an innocent child to rest!

Above all, no comment from the police has come out as yet to take back this claim.

This isn’t the first time an incorrect FIR has been registered. Just a while back, a toy-seller who was selling toys on a bicycle was charged a ‘Challan’ for a motorbike!


In the end, all we can hope is that this little innocent boy is restored and freed. It is sad to see that one of the official departments that are supposed to help the public are opting for such low standards.

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