Sheikhupura Police Refuse To Register FIR After Torturing A Family For Hours!

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Police brutality is becoming one of the most traumatizing and painful trends of Pakistan; in fact, all over the world. We get to hear horrifying incidents of deaths, unnecessary arrests, and all kinds of unsecured torture of innocent victims. However, it is near to never, that we hear justice prevailing on such matters.

Policemen beat family brutally

An earth-shattering and a heartbreaking incident took place in the district of Sheikhpura; the policemen beat up a family. To make matters worse; not even the women were given a chance and the policemen also beat them violently; over a minor dispute, where a respective person was asked to give his own house in return.

WARNING Some viewers may find the following content/video/image disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

When this family didn’t do so, the father, mother, and aunt were brutally tortured. In addition, even the women’s clothes were torn and they were dragged harshly on the ground. Not only is just the thought of such an incident inhumane. It’s barbaric. It makes us wonder what have we become? Has humanity spared us completely? And in what world is this justice?

Police officials refuse to register the FIR

The poor man took to Twitter, to express his disbelief and the misery desperateness he is feeling right now. He mentions and requests from the respective authorities to take strict action regarding the matter.

Above all, what is more, devastating is how even after continuous requests the Sheikhupura police refused to even register his FIR complaint regarding this traumatic incident that took place with his family.

However, he requests people that why is there no justice for such incidents and when will the judicial system reawaken to answer the demands of people about such horrifying matters. Above all Barrister Hassaan Niazi questions the negligence of the entire police department.

This isn’t the first time, such an incident has taken place in Pakistan. However, silence on the matter from all sides is making everyone question the credibility of the police. Isn’t it time to raise our voice against cruelty and unneeded violence. In addition to that, some are also asking how he doesn’t know the difference between MLC cases which are identified by doctors and not the police. As ironic this situation is; a more broad question is still poignant.

When will we understand the importance of human lives? Let’s hope that this poor man is capable of getting his voice heard. Most importantly, let us hope that this poor man is taken care of; and that IG Punjab looks into the matter immediately and punishes those who have tortured or hurt this man’s family.

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