Police Arrested Killers Of The Mardan Doctor Who Was Slain Over A Petty Issue

Police Arrested Killers Of The Mardan Doctor Who Was Slain Over A Petty Issue

Dr asfandyar Murder

Remember the brutal assassination of the doctor who was killed over a trivial issue of water dispute in Mardan? The barbaric murders of Asfandyar Khan Khattak have now been apprehended. The police took a rapid action caught the felons, who murdered the doctor on April 27.

SSP Sajjad Khan announced the news on his official twitter handle.

“With the help of Almighty Allah, Mardan Police, through professionalism and hard work succeeded in nabbing the murderers of young DoctorAsfandyarKhattak within almost 72 hours,” said Sajjad Khan.

Dr. Asfandiyar was married to a doctor from Lasbeela district and was the father of a son. Besides, Asfandiyar hailed from an educated family. His father, Taj Nabi Khattak who is severely injured is a grade-19 officer. Furthermore, Taj Nabi has remained principal in several government schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Dr asfandyar Murder

Source: Twitter

Justice4DrAsfandiyar trended on twitter

Earlier, the hashtag justice for Dr. Asfandiyar trended on Twitter. His colleges, civil society along with eminent personalities tweeted in his favor and demanded justice.

The above-mentioned tweets aided in highlighting the murder saga of Dr. Asfandyar Khan Khattak. Consequently, the police rapidly took action and caught the criminals.

Following the tweet of SSP Sajjad Khan people on Twitter, lauded the news.

Well done

‘Wonderful job Sir’

‘Good job’

People asking to reveal the faces of the culprits

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