Punjab Police Catch Boys Trying To Fool Them By Posing As Couple

guy dresses like woman

In such pivotal times, where COVID-19 continues its pace of infecting people at an alarming rate. More or less, with our local forces scourging the outskirts, it’s hard for people to loiter around amidst daylight. One thing is for sure, that Pakistani talent knows no bounds. Recently, a clip went viral, where, the local police caught a couple, of whom, one turns out to be a bearded man, dressed as a woman.

Pakistani Talent At Its Peak

Owing to the video, these two young lads proved that modern problems require modern solutions. With the government putting a restriction on pillion riding and wandering the streets, these guys decided to make use of their dexterity.

However, the police, at one check post caught the duo, before they could deceive others with their Bonnie and Clyde-ish idea. Former Press Secretary to PM, Danyal Gillani tweeted the video captioning: “Our talented youth has brilliant ideas.”

Hillarious Comments From Viewers

Following the video gone viral, viewers from all around started reposting the tweet with their hilarious comments.

Similarly, administration officials at the Mohmand entrance report having caught several trucks. According to them, the People of Bajaur coming from Karachi amidst lockdown were hiding in the bakkies to avoid any screening or being stopped by the security.

Instead of apprehending the severity of the current situation, our people are busy in making fun of this global pandemic. Likewise, a TikTok star, Ava Larz tested positive for the Coronavirus, after he dared the challenge by licking a toilet seat.


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