Pokémon Go: A Big Flashback to Your Childhood!

Remember when you had a collection of Pokémon trading cards that may have created a number of fights between you and your friends? Remember the time when we would sit in front of our TV sets every day at 7pm and would watch Pokémon on Cartoon Network? Remember when “Prepare for trouble, make it double” used to be our favorite motto?

21 years old, and it still feels like yesterday. That love, it was real. Playing it as Nintendo Game Boy game to watching it on TV and to battling, trading and getting mysterious creatures, yep, Pokémon was, hands down, one of the most memorable and loved shows of our childhood.



After the show lost its original touch, a lot of us stopped watching the cartoon anyway. Not till Pokémon Go embraced its presence in our lives – Pikachu and friends are back in 2016 through a smartphone game that is taking the world by storm.

FYI: Just in 2 days, Pokémon Go has more users than the famous dating app Tinder and is also set the break records of Twitter.

FYI (Part 2): Pokémon Go is released in just the States, New Zealand, and Australia, but Pakistanis can download it through APK on Android. Sorry, iPhone users.

Facebook page: Pokémon Go Memes

We are back out on the streets again

The only difference, this time, is that we are not going out to trade Pokémon cards, but to Catch ‘Em All!


So How Does Pokémon Go Work?

As an augmented reality game, Pokémon Go works when players go out and start finding the mysterious Pokémons through their game and their location on the smartphones.

So finally, our mothers are happy that we are going out to play again.

Facebook page: Pokémon Go Memes

After walking around in the local areas, you have to find Pokestops and gather different Pokémon supplies. Just like Ash Ketchum and his fellow Pokémon trainers caught Pokémons in the cartoon, we have to use our Pokeballs to catch the Pokémon we find while roaming here and there.

Facebook page: Pokémon Go Memes

Facebook page: Pokémon Go Memes

To challenge someone in a Pokémon Battle, you need to find “gyms”.

I wanna be the very best,

Like no one ever was.

To catch them is my real test,

To train them is my cause!!


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