Six Dead, Dozens Hospitalized As Poisonous Gas Engulfs Karachi Port!

Poisonous Gas Karachi Port

Once again, Pakistan’s metropolis incurred a brutal incident that kept many wide awake at night. All major rescue services operating in Karachi were busy assisting and helping the affected in Kemari. Last night, six people tragically passed away after an exodus of a mysterious toxic gas at the Karachi Port.

Mysterious toxic gas takes precious lives

Indeed, it was a state of emergency as the death toll was drastically increasing with many injured and hospitalized. Unfortunately, last Sunday, about six residents died while dozens seek medical help after a poisonous gas engulfed Karachi Port, affecting its adjacent area of Kemari as well.

Poisonous Gas Karachi

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Certainly, the exact number of casualties cannot be confirmed now as the concerned authorities are still analyzing the scene. According to local media reports, the reason behind the unfortunate incident is yet unknown but there are several rumors circulating. Apparently, while many are calling it a mysterious outbreak, some sources are directing towards the arrival of a ship at the Karachi Port.

SSP Muqaddas Haider speaks on the incident

On the matter, Superintendent of Police (SSP) Muqaddas Haider said that it was a chemical released from a container. ”The gas was reportedly emitted from a container carrying chemical used to preserve peas which affected over 70 people in different areas of the neighborhood near Karachi port,” he added.

Poisonous Gas Karachi

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As per the details, the insured and affected were shifted to Ziauddin Hospital in Karachi at the earliest. After informing the concerned authorities, the hospital’s administration revealed that about 50 victims facing breathing issues were admitted. Looking over to a large number of victims storming towards other hospitals, the authorities declared an emergency across major hospitals in the city.

Ali Zaidi orders investigation into gas leakage

Moreover, Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Zaidi paid his condolences to the families affected. Taking to Twitter, Zaidi expressed his shock and grief and gave away investigation orders to the Karachi Port Trust (KPT). Further, the minister requested everyone to not make false assumptions in a bid to refrain from spreading chaos.

Particularly, Ali Zaidi tweeted, ”Shocked to hear about the loss of life due to poisonous gases in Kemari. Although the incident is not in the port, KPT officials have been dispatched to investigate the root cause. I request everyone to refrain from making any comments on the media till we have the facts on hand”.

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Assuring that the culprits will be soon caught, Zaidi wrote, ”I have directed KPT to investigate & establish facts. Meanwhile, KPT has also been directed to treat the patients at the KPT hospital in Kemari. Rest assured, details of the sad incident will be shared in due course & those responsible will be dealt with severely”.

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