Darshan Rajporuhit – An Indian Guy Whose Videos Are Going Viral In Pakistan

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We have heard all our lives that words have power. We have read powerful words and felt inspired, we have heard speeches and debates and angry men screaming out loudly, and felt that maybe their words have power.

But very recently, contradictory to my clichè belief of what powerful words should sound like, I heard a poem. A beautifully written piece of literature, flawlessly delivered, made me realize that we don’t have to scream on the top of our lungs to add intensity to our words. To influence millions of people across the world, simple meaningful words should suffice. A poem made me realize what words having power actually meant.

Darshan Rajporuhit is a 23, borderline 24-year-old artist, from Rajasthan. Born and brought up in Mumbai, this young man is out to change the world with his words, his thoughts and his determination. His passion makes us believe that he just might.

The mere fact that his videos have gone viral in Pakistan goes out to show that there is still hope, that there is still tolerance, that people do believe in a better, the do want a peaceful tomorrow. In a time where hatred clouds our eyes our hearts and our minds, he speaks of love, he speaks of peace, he speaks of a better world.

“Apne tou sab he ko pyaray hain, chahay wo jahan bhi hain.”

We sometimes forget how precious life is, how people get emotionally destroyed by someone’s death. Yet we keep losing people in wars and some because of unsuccessful marriages and broken families. If you’ve been feeling a little dead inside, like Darshan states in the conversation with the wind; “ya ho gayi hai tou bhi murda, kya tujhe bhi insanon ki hawa lag gayi hai?”

And you feel like humanity no longer exists, then listen to this man pour his heart out, and experience your faith in humanity being reborn.

Thank you, Darshan Rajporuhit!

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