[POEM] – Perception

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I knew about Justin Bieber

And the number of fans of Shakira

I heard every song by Selena Gomez

And watched every Video of Beyoncé

I knew the number of ‘centuries’ made by Tendulkar

and ‘sixes’ by Afridi

I knew the invincible Kohli.


Source: jenna-nmall


But I did not hear the infant crying,

whose mother has died last night,

she’s been hungry for three days.


Source: News Pakistan

I did not know,

the girl had red eyes,

who’s father had died,

who had three younger sisters,

to feed, educate and marry.

The girl molested by her boss,

And I did not see,

the man selling cotton candy,

on an empty road,

the late foggy, freezing night,

still waiting alone for some customers,

so he could earn some pennies,

so his boy could have a shirt,

in place of the one he’s been wearing for a month,

or two!

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