[POEM] – One Year Of Naya Pakistan; Done And Dusted

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This poem was originally submitted by Amber Zaib

One year of Naya Pakistan; done and dusted 

The dollar has all hilted and the rupee has all guilted

Naya Pakistan has all done and dusted

Now breaking it a bit forward:

Done and dusted with all the claims of not letting any model town to ever happen again,

But would let the elite force men to dusk a joyous family;

To a bemoaning end in Sahiwal

Children to witness their parents being assassinated in front of them

Done and dusted with the claims of no subsidies on anything whatsoever

But sugar will have some; because we can’t displease our deep-pocketed Tareen sahib.

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Done and dusted with accountability

Accountability for all

But oh, please keep a halt when you’d reach PTI’s gate

Done and dusted with the high words of all the former ruling parties

Who were the most corrupt of all time,

But what if my cabinet looks like a homogenised version of PML-N, PML-Q, PPP, APML

Done and dusted with the high claims of austerity and no protocol

But Busdar’s protocol will always go out of the reach and sight of our PM.

Done and dusted that the PM house is going to be transformed into a University

But our eyes got tired in the search of a speck of anything called as a university

via ARY News

Children with stunted growth

Who were being hollered about in all the hefty jalsas before

Are now on a lookout for their saviour but can’t see the one coming

Horse trading in senate election was haram

Only until the date, our own PTI did it

“Hum karein toh halal, par tum karo toh haram”

And in all this a year in down

Wish for the next four years to be a bit more progressive than just words!

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