[POEM] – ‘Maybe I Need You.’

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In the winters when I told you, I liked popsicles.

And you bought me an orange lolly,

I kept it in my fridge for 2 years until I had no ice to lessen the pain in my heart.


I always told you that I never want to write about you, when you’re gone.

And you always shrugged and smiled.

Something that always made me forget the question.


I fell in love with you the first time we met.

On the test, you did not prepare for.

On the essay, you did not know what to write.

When your sleuthing eyes asked me if I had written anything and the loops of my handwriting made you pass the test.

I fell in love with you when we went on our first date,

The night we danced under the pole light,


With your favorite love song playing on your broken iPod.

I fell in love with you when your warm lips fell on my cold cheeks.

Or when you gave me a stethoscope and told me to hear your heartbeat Everytime we touched.


Source: Favim.com

You see,

I don’t know when exactly I fell in love with you,

It’s happened soo many times that I have lost count.


You see,

Love is not always magic,

Love is just looking at each other and getting lost in the distance between our hearts.

It is falling apart separately and coming together as one.


Source: kwizoo.com


Is watching the notebook together.

It is arguing on who the better actor is, Matthew or Leo.



Is always waking up late.

And then forgetting to turn the stove off while leaving for work every single time.

I know it is dangerous,

But when was love ever safe.


Is dying for each other and to resurrect in our screams.


Is saying goodbye before leaving.

You never loved me.

You just.. liked me.

And wherever you are now,

Heaven, hell or somewhere between the two.


I want you to know,

I never stopped falling for you.

I still can’t stop falling for you.

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