[POEM] – Flawless

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You smiled
It makes my heart
Beat faster
It makes me
And my fingers tremble
For just a bit
Your eyes

In the corners
I haven’t seen them do that
In a while
Do it again
I want to memorize
Every contour
Of your face
Before it’s too late
Before I’m too late


Source: Favim.com

Nothing lasts
Not the flowers in the vase
You loved so dearly
Not the cherries
That stained your teeth
And not your image in my head


Source: Tumblr

Because for a second
It graces me
It’s gone
And the pain begins
But I assure you
A glimpse of your beaming face
The far away memory in my head
That I so desperately reach out for

The fuzzy feeling in my chest
That leaves me warm
For a split second
Is worth
A thousand years of sorrow

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