[POEM] – Delilah: A Treacherous Woman

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There she goes with a silent roar, dressed in black, bloody galore

In search of an innocent prey, ‘and find she shall’, as the legend says.

Her cougar eyes search the streets, for yet another tasteful treat.

Looking for places to socialize, her first move, a disguise.

Enter she dare a crowded bar, to leave her unforgettable scar.

Mingles around, smiling and bloating, that sly wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Finds a target handsome and strong, notices him for very long.

Walks up to him seductive and proud, her beauty kept him so very aroused.


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‘Follow me’ said she, and stepped outside, enchanted he walked, his senses had died.

At a dead end, her feet stopped, in a trap the rabbit had hopped.

A cry of horror emerged from the dark, the hounds howled, they whimpered and barked.

Nobody was there to help the soul, from the evil and ghastly ghoul.

His blood all drained like the squeeze of a lime, she escapes ‘satisfied’ the scene of crime.

Darkness fades away, returns the light. The town takes another relieving sigh.

The cowards had run, the brave they fought. Hide if u may, escape u cannot.

For in these dark valleys, as the legend had said, walks a demon named DELILAH, ‘looking for red.’


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