Cherry [A Poem]

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What drives man to the ends of the earth , but to commit sins in the name of glory?

What taints the generations to come , must be, set ablaze?

Torched and pillaged. Raped and murdered.

All for honor.

Woman's eyes


The honor you carried for 9 months,

The honor you draped in covers,

The honor you locked up in the dusty chest-box

The honor you disposed nine feet below the ground.



Oh what honor do you speak of?

Brutality , be your name

Prestige is your best friend

And Control is your game.

The very folds which birthed you

Are the ones you mutilate now,

Because manhood blooms in intimidation and ego

And womanhood thrives in honor.



You claim to purify that which you polluted,

You claim to cleanse your soul of all transgression

But you will forever reek of terror.

Will you not then understand?

All the perfumes of Arabia can never sweeten your sinful hands.

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