[POEM] - Caged Bird

[POEM] – Caged Bird

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I enjoy the moan of caged bird…
Possibly, I don’t understand a single word.

He snarls, he shouts, he tries to go out,

Whatever he says, I don’t care about!

He dreams of flying with erstwhile bevy,
Swirl around the mountains heavy.

Splash in the lake, before the sun set
Collect the twigs and sticks for nest.

Source: Tumblr

Scatter the sand to nibble the worm,
And cuddle the biddies to make them warm.

How cruel I am, if he can’t fly…
There is no mean of this empty sky.

Source: Tumblr

How cruel I am if he can’t live in a nest,
There is no mean of the spring’s greenest.

How cruel I am, if he can’t dive in a lake,
It must be spilled away, for god sakes.

How cruel I am, I never realize
To make him free and do apologize.

So, I didn’t hesitate a bit to abye,
And he fled without saying goodbye.

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