[POEM] – Brown Girl

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Brown girl
so tiny and fragile
you are born after the constant thumping of prayer beads
you made it into this world
despite silent hopes of XY chromosomes in place of XX
amidst all the chaos and joy and tears
you are born

Brown girl
you’re growing up now
you start noticing
how different you are
your legs are not crossed, lady-like
replicating how girls are supposed to sit
you don’t chew with your mouth closed
you run around too much
you’re always out to play soccer in the streets
face covered in dirt and such

Source: Apna TV

Brown girl
the first time they ask you about pursuing your dreams
they sneer
your cheeks turn crimson
you take that casual giggle
mold it into every hope and dream
you can achieve

Brown girl
you’ve transitioned
you have so much to say and do
but you are hushed constantly
time has finally come
you should be married off
as if your age is much more than a number
a silent time bomb
ticking your youth away
bit by bit
till you will have no more to offer
to the world and to yourself, after all
you are nothing but a simple brown girl.

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