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While on luxury and pampering my money is thrown,

In the womb of slums, many of my countrymen are born.

Am I heartless to enjoy the things I can live without!

When instead to them I should be reaching out!


I am from a land where babies are abandoned because of poverty,

Where girls are sold to become someone’s property.

Why to such measures my men so easily surrender?

Because they don’t have the means to quench their thirst and hunger.

Still our elite live in luxury and ride in bulletproof cars,

To me, they are nothing but ugly scars.

Ya Allah, why have we stooped so low,

How did we let this ignorance grow!

Source: Dhaka Tribune

Look at all the rapists walk free,

From them, not even a newborn can flee.

My men are held at gunpoint and robbed,

Seems like in a tragic comedy we are involved.

My brothers and sisters get beaten up, shoot and left for dead,

Not sure if they will see their family after earning today’s butter and bread.

Being raised every day by corruption and terror,

After almost seven decades we still speak of trial and error.

Source: Geo.tv

While our sons in khaki guard our border,

We are being addicted to massive internal disorder.

Caught up in an expanding mess,

Our days and nights are an unending game of chess.


For a country created in the name of Islam,

We are continually accused of being a ticking bomb.

If we go back and make our constitution Quran and Hadith,

Our system will not look like an unattended heath.

Source: The Nation

Step-up and make this country proud,

Don’t let the dust of unawareness over-cloud.

Think about the legacy you are passing on,

Is this the place you want your generation to be born!

Let us rid this land of poverty and hunger,

Choose God-fearing leaders and rid thy self of mongers.

We are accountable for the future of this land,

Promise to be faithful to its soil and sand.

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