[POEM] – Asia Bibi

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I know lifers that never really belonged there

Words are taken out of context conjured to make the lies bare

Like fruit from the forbidden tree they had a pair

And like the devil’s advocates, they didn’t forget to share

It’s amazing to me

A damn tragedy

Words put her in the noose

Where’s the free speech?


Oh, right, there is none

We not a free country

We never were one

We just a dream that I wish I never had

Source: RFE/RL

Cause I hate to be associated with the names of women and men

Who can’t use reason even if it showed up on the deck

With a sign on it saying please play next

And they just skip it


Not really worried about the consequences

Just worried about their misconceptions

They don’t understand peace they only see the weapons

They think they need to protect the honor of a man who never laid hands on another

Source: Gulf News

With guns bullets knives swords fist fights

Anything to show brute force like they the knights

In shining armor that God sent armed to kill whoever utters his name without concern

For what that makes them


Sinners that will never make it to the realm

That they think they deserve with their extremist urge

This wouldn’t be surprising if it was the Taliban

But for the government to spend 8 years to see they were wrong

I’m ashamed to even bare the name of this state

And I’m ashamed my voice means nothing for the change

But could get me killed

Well that’s food for thought


Maybe they’ll burn me alive or chop me into pieces like Jamal

Whatever that means, I’ve almost run my race

I think I’ll retire if I have to see another case

That reads of anybody slaughtered in the name of blasphemy

Source: La Stampa

To me, that makes the country worse than any racists that be

You can count me out

I can’t shed my skin

But I can change my kin


I can change my heart and leave the culture in the bin

And let it disintegrate throw it far, far away

Denounce its name when its uttered with any pride and grace

And if I’m ever asked about my past I leave out the place


That gave me my only home but also a society filled with hate

They can’t leave anyone alone

They can’t let minorities live with their souls

At peace, they need to kill them in cold blood just to get some sleep

They need to tell women how to dress, what to do, how to eat

And chastise them if they even attempt to take a leap

I saw comments saying there is no Pakistan without Islam

Be gone with the rest they don’t share our Imaan


Hang them by the neck, bare their legs and arms

Make an example out of them show them what happens if you’re not Musalman

And dare to step in the land of the crescent and star

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