[POEM] - Allah

[POEM] – Allah

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When there is no one to share

Our sorrows and fears

Then Allah is there

With love and care

When there is no one to share

Our happiness and emotions

Then Allah is there

With smile and devotion

Source: Tumblr

When we feel lonely and sad

With no one to talk or chat

Then Allah is there

Showering His blessings like a hat


When there comes any

Trouble, pain, and disease

Then Allah is there

With cure and relief

Source: The European Magazine

When we feel depressed

And also so much blue

Then Allah is there

With best solutions and clue


How benevolent He is

With mercy and grace

Tears of hope and fear

Should rundown on our face

Oh Allah forgive me

And be with me forever

And deviate me from the right path

Never and ever


Oh my glorious graceful Allah

Forgive my sins and misdeeds

So I may cheerfully enter

Into the paradise without grief

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