[POEM] – A Sip of Sin

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A Sip of Sin!

Of a Lowly Chin.

Of a Heart all Bare.

Of Screams Within!

Of Chants that haunt Deep!

Of Cries, all own..that Creep.

Of a Pattern Unknown.

Of ‘LINES’ hollow & Bleak!

Source: Quotes 4 You

When our ‘Gifts’ turn to a Curse.

…..& ur Miseries…but a Muse.

When all triumphs you Tasted …

…Rhyme of Glories all Wasted.

A ‘Glory’ ….

…that Runs-in deep

.…..…of Abuses & Taunts!


..fruits of a Darkness within.

…of a ‘Light’ all Grim.


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