[POEM] – A Letter To Patriarchy

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Within the bleak paranoia of fear and rage,
My skinny fingers, blemished with
The ink of denial and self-assurance arise,
To write a crimson letter to patriarchy on behalf of
Every abandoned dream,

Joy and happiness sitting silently
In the corner of my shallow ribcage
I am a human being
Made of flesh and bones
Holding a universe in my eyes
And vortexes of melancholy in the
Empty spaces of my heart

I walk, out on the streets and
Instead of seeing me as art,
A masterpiece of God,
You look at me like a target,
A billboard of your desires,
A menu of your favourite ‘desi’ restaurant

The ideas I speak of will take you beyond the Moon
Beyond the horizons of your notions
Beyond the parallel universe
Up in the sky, far from the heavens
But you take them as a mere blabbering
Coming out of my cherry lips

I speak of bare truths, unravelling the lies,
Dismantling the facade of “Equality” “Women Rights” and
“Respect for all” you hide behind
Disguising the beatings, the rapes, assaults,
Unfair treatments, abuse and hurt
What you actually are,

I show you in the mirror and you break it with
The sledgehammer of your hefty ego
I open myself, weep and portray my emotions
And you label me as weak, timid and fragile

Source: Public Orthodoxy

Not worthy of the CEO post
But worthy of the low paid teaching job
In a private school built in the sector of your insecurities
I mention my joys and sorrows,
Dreams and goals and you hush me up,
Telling me my place is in the four walls of a home
Home never felt like home to me,
Despite the beatings and screaming of the male-dominant members
Of my household, I tried to dwell in it and yet
I couldn’t

Source: Odyssey

I fill the holes of your toxic words in my soul
With self-love taught by my mother
And yet I fail to do so, for no matter how hard I try,
How much I become good at something,
You make me feel like I’m still not enough

You tell me my clothes are made of shame
With vulgarity knitted on them
But the ten years old raped and murdered Angel was completely covered
So how will you justify rape now?

You chain me within the confines of your self-built city of good women
Not letting me go out, seek and discover myself
Only because I was born with a pair of ovaries?

Why shall I be told by you what to do with my body
When you yourself do now own a body
So exquisite and strong?

I bear your abusive words, you catcall me on the streets
When I’m on my way home, minding my own business,
Thinking about every worse thing that has happened today
And not even surprisingly,
You’re on top of the list

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