[POEM] – A Hopeless Case Of Aplastic Anemia

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Just opened eyes and wore my heart upon my sleeve

Entering the ward, looking dapper, hair-game on fleek

Couldn’t care less if I’m known to you at all!

For Brutus is an honorable man, we know, after all!

I stand before this bedcase I’m studying for a while

As a Kanye fan, I know, ‘there ain’t no church in the wild!’

Attendants praying so… like I’m a good man self-styled

All I write is a call for tracheostomy in this file!


Not really a morning guy to be asked, how do I do?

What people think I do? What society thinks I do?

What my family thinks I do, friends think and what I do

Is doing things to you that only God would do to you!

Source: YouTube

I’m now handling a hopeless case of Aplastic Anemia

She’s barely sixteen and she’s running out of platelets

I keep transfusing her as she bleeds until she’s bled out

What else is there to do? I’m only a doctor, baring hatred!


She’s previously undergone two, three nasal debridements

With nasal packing done, she’s biting tongue and I’m frightened!

I tell myself, ‘get a grip, you’re not a brainless amoeba!

She is just a regular patient, she is not a Queen of Sheeba!’

Source: safebirthproject.com

On one-time medications, she survives a day or two

Meanwhile, she’s shifted to the Medical ICU

‘They say’, in a song I hum, ‘All good boys go to Heaven’

She smiles with bleeding gums, why? I don’t have a clue!


I try my superpowers living up to expectations

At last, I go for a cardiopulmonary resuscitation

I feel no pulse nor can I pick oxygen saturation

She had no time to go for a bone marrow transplantation!

Noting down death summary of the one I wished to stay

That’s it! My shift is over! I’m calling it a day!

It’s raining and I can’t rhyme more – I’m no Skippa Da Flippa

Scared to be lonely, I have a crush on Dua Lipa!


I simply love the tattoo on her left forearm that says,

‘This means nothing’ – how insightful that is!

She looks like someone who I know has recently expired

I close my eyes to a heavy heart tonight as I’m tired!

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