PML-N’s Talal Chauhdary Abuses Pervez Musharraf on Live TV and Pakistanis Are Not Having It

Talal Chauhdary is the only guy on earth whose last name’s spelling you need to Google before writing. Yes, guys, it’s not simply Chaudhry or Choudhry as you would expect. Just like he’s not sane as you would expect a parliamentarian to be. Talal continues to prove it every now and then from his rants on live television.

Switch on your television every day after 7 pm and you will find Talal Chauhdary going nuts, full throttle with his rants against PTI or basically every Pakistani who thinks Nawaz Sharif and his family are corrupt. Anyway, Talal Chauhdary just did something that will make you want to bow your head down…

Just another day we found Talal Chauhdary going absolutely nuts!

Let that sink in…

Here is what people think about it…



Sir, kaan saaf karein aap.

PML-N supporter spotted

It’s already out mate


Let us all let it past, guys… Seriously, it’s okay. We all experience a tongue of slips every now and then and it’s okay. Sheeesh, I’m not a PML-N supporter but I find it quite hilarious the way it turned out. And see Shahzeb Khanzada’s reaction just when it came out of the mouth of Talal. Well, guys, let’s just take it on a lighter note, maybe just maybe his tongue got slipped.

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