This PML-N Leader Thinks No Pakistani Actress Has ‘Fair Complexion’ To Play Maryam Nawaz

hina pervaiz maryam nawaz

PML-N leader Hina Pervaiz Butt in a recent interview claimed that no current actress in Pakistan is fair enough to play Maryam Nawaz in her biopic.

While talking to a local TV channel GNN, Butt responded to a question where the host asked who can play the role of Maryam Nawaz better, Mahira Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Zara Noor Abbas, or Hareem Farooqui?

To which Butt replied that no one among these could play Maryam since she was tall and fair than all these actresses.

However, she said, “Sanam Saeed and Iman Aly are good actresses but they too have tan complexion. Mahira is also a good actress but I don’t think so she can play a serious role.”

Now, netizens are once again targeting Butt for her racist statement.

Also, in the same interview, she ranked Imran Khan ‘Zero’ as the Prime Minister of Pakistan while as a cricketer she ranked him six for lifting 1992 World Cup’s trophy.

Earlier, Butt caused quite a frenzy on Twitter after comparing Maryam Nawaz with the popular protagonist of the Turkish TV show, Ertugrul. She said that Maryam had similar qualities as Ertugrul. Pakistanis brutally trolled Butt for her apparently ‘funny’ remark.

None of the Twitter users agreed with her point of view and came with hilarious responses.


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