PML(N) Claims Pakistan is Now Free of Load-Shedding and it has Left Everyone Confused

Load-shedding has been one of the prime barriers towards the development of Pakistan. Happening in the country for years, the locals suffer from countless hours of electricity shortage every year. What’s worse is how the government bodies in charge always make huge promises regarding the load-shedding in the country and yet no one managed to resolve it completely.

Until now…or as they say…and we would just like to believe them…

According to Pakistan Muslim League Noon (PML-N), Maryam Nawaz and Various Other Figures, Pakistan is Now Free of Electricity Load-Shedding


Basically, the Official Account of PML(N) Posted this

In a Short Span After this Post Went Up, the #RoshniPromisedRoshniDelivered Hashtag was Trending on Social Spaces

Political figures such as Maryam Nawaz were claiming as well that Pakistan has met the power generalization requirements and the country is now free from electricity load-shedding.


Government of Pakistan’s Official Account Shared the Same Claim

And Here Comes Maryam Nawaz

Stats and Figures were Shared

However, Pakistanis Were Not Pleased by the Claims and Needed Answers!

Given how there hasn’t been any physical evidence, the locals were questioning the claims made by the officials. Furthermore, many shared how they still experience load-shedding in their areas.



And it Continues

While the political figures ride the high horse and continue proving how there is no electricity shortfall in the country, the locals have no answer with their experience being the opposite.

Many experts claim the current ‘reduction’ in electricity load-shedding is due to a seasonal effect, which will soon be replaced with gas load-shedding.

If what the government claims is true, we will soon experience the results ourselves, especially during the Summer season, if not before.

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