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PML-N MPA slaps PTI counterpart

Asif mehmood, Salma Butt

LAHORE: PML-N MPA Salma Butt slapped PTI MPA Asif Mehmood during a session of the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday, Express News reported.

Members belonging to both parties were chanting slogans against each other when the matter flared up.

PML-N MPAs were shouting derogatory remarks about PTI chairman Imran Khan when MPA Asif Mehmood said,”6 biwion ka mian bemar hai”, an insult directed towards Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif — one that was not taken well by PML’s Salma Butt, who unleashed her wrath on Mehmood.

Following the incident, the opposition began protesting against the altercation on the stairs outside the provincial assembly.

PTI MPA Mehmood, while speaking to the media, stated that PTI was chanting slogans regarding Kashmir becoming a part of Pakistan when female PML-N MPAs started to push him.

“It is shameful to see that there are such MPAs in our assemblies,” said Mehmood.

First Published in TheExpressTribune,May 28th,2014.

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