PMC Replaces PMDC Leaving Pakistanis Absolutely Furious!

PMC Replaces PMDC

ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi has published an ordinance, which dissolved the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

Instead of PMDC, the government has made a new organization, Pakistan Medial Commission (PMC). The PMC will consist of nine members and the head will be called a president of the body.

PMC Replaces PMDC

Source: Samaa

Furthermore, the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) with the help of the Islamabad district administration and police, took over the possession of the PMDC building. They also directed 220 workers of the council that the office will continue shut for one week.

Issuance of the ordinance on Sunday ignited panic among doctors. Afterwards, the ministry of NHS issued a statement, saying the president signed a new ordinance.

PMC Replaces PMDC

“Implementation of new Ordinance requires the dissolution of current PMDC. Government of Pakistan hence on Sunday directed the temporary shutting down of the offices of Council.”

It further says, “This would ensure the protection of the essential records and assets of PMDC. The offices will remain shut for one week.”

“PMC shall be a body corporate consisting of (1) The Medical and Dental Council; (2) The National Medical and Dental Academic Board; and (3) The National Medical Authority, which will act as a Secretariat of the Commission,” statement states.

Moreover, the government of Pakistan has immediately taken certain records. They took records of licensing and registration of all medical and dental practitioners. Further, they also took records of medical and dental educational institutions.

The statement further states, “The inconvenience caused to practitioners and others is regretted.”

“However, it was essential to protect the original records and assets of PMDC being the government’s priority and responsibility.”

In order to ensure that no inconvenience is caused to ongoing medical and dental admissions, the Ministry of NHS will be taking necessary steps,” the statement concludes.

Undemocratic way

Besides, the undemocratic way of bringing an ordinance has spurred the anti-PTI narrative. President ignored the proper way of moving a resolution through general assembly and then to the senate. Instead, he solely took the charge of PMDC affair.

PMC Replaces PMDC

Source: Pakistan Herald

Moreover, the elected body of doctors, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), has called the declaration undemocratic. Besides, they appealed to political parties to renounce the presidential ordinance.

The government has taken an undemocratic decision when JUIF and PPP are planning to rise against the incumbent government.  The PMDC ordinance may gather more support for the opposition.

People on social media are sternly reacting to the presidential decree.

This guy is ashamed of voting for PTI

Just look at the agony of this man. The decision has deeply hurt the people across Pakistan.

PTI is giving depression to the masses!

That’s funny!

No one knows how the new Pakistan Medial Commission (PMC) will work. Notwithstanding, employees of PMDC and aspirants of BDS are shocked. The presidential decree may bring more uncertainty then amelioration of the education system.

Many are saying, after bringing financial crises to the country, PTI is now aiming towards the education system. In a nutshell, if the PTI had dissolved the PMDC by a democratic way, the reaction of people would have been different.

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