PM Modi Lands Himself In Trouble After His Comments On Assamese!

Modi tweets to assamese

We all must have figured this out by now that the state of India, that once bragged about being a safe harbor for the minorities is in no way secular at all. In fact, they are very far from being secular. India’s actions in their side of occupied Kashmir are now very well-documented.

Since Modi took office back in 2014, we all kind of saw it coming. His preferences were always towards guiding India away from secularism and build a Hindu nation. The last 6 years or so prove that. Not only Kashmir, but the minorities in India are also now more oppressed than ever. The recent hearings and the verdict on Babri masjid is an example. The most recent act of oppression, however, came when the BJP led government announced it’s citizenship amendment bill.

Modi tweets to assamese


Modi gives reassurances, but was the message delivered?

This too like every other action of the Modi government was severely criticized. Not only locally but internationally as well. As most of the comments which came after the decision seemed concerned about the growing sense of nationalism in India.

The bill seems to be targeted towards minorities in Assam, which is a province in India. The change of law was obviously not accepted by the citizens of Assam. This prompted a majority of people to come out into the streets to protest this new law.

Modi tweets to assamese

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By Thursday, the protest had turned violent and the government was forced to send its troops to handle the situation. Just like what he did in Kashmir, Modi made the Indian Army a mercenary for hire. The army was sent to shut the mouth of anyone who spoke against the government.

If that was not enough, the Modi government went a step further and blocked the internet and mobile services in 10 districts of Assam. Citing the reason that social media could be used to “inflame passions”. Shambles!

How Modi managed to make a complete fool out of himself amidst all this panic:

Well, certainly the amount of backlash the Indian government is receiving at this moment is a lot. With criticisms literally coming from all 4 corners. It leaves no breathing space for the government, prompting them to shake under pressure.

PM Modi who is now a target of almost everyone tried to bring the situation under control but failed miserably. He posted a tweet addressing the Assamese people of their importance and how things are fine. He Forgot however that the Assamese cannot actually read his message because PM Modi himself had blocked their internet.

Here’s the tweet:

Mr. Modi literally is a personality from another dimension. My word how can someone make such a blunder. The tweet itself came as an amusement for all as many were quick to point out that they cannot read his message because Mr. Modi had himself blocked their internet. Remember how they had cited the reason that social medial can be used to “Inflame Passions”.

The replies to the Modi tweet are also very hilarious. People were quick to post their puns on the Modi blunder, have a look at them too. Well certainly mistakes are made in pressure and my word Modi has been in pressure since 2014. There is literally a whole archive of Modi’s hilarious blunders, the PM of India and the face of BJP. Disgraceful!

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