PM Shares Bollywood Movie Clip Blaming 'Mafias' - Targets Opposition For Plotting Against PTI

PM Shares Bollywood Movie Clip Blaming ‘Mafias’ – Targets Opposition For Plotting Against PTI

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Days after pleading with Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) to end its violent campaign to oust the French ambassador, saying the unrest was harming the nation, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday gave an interesting twist to anti-France protests. PM shared a Bollywood movie clip to target the opposition plotting against PTI.

The premier shared a scene from a Bollywood movie on Instagram claiming ‘corrupt mafias’ had planned anti-France protests. “It is what has been planned against the PTI govt from day one by the corrupt mafias for violent protests,” the caption read. However, Khan took down the post later for some unknown reason.

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The PM took the viral clip from the Bollywood movie Inquilaab (1984) targetting the opposition plotting against PTI. It shows a meeting by members of a political party hatching a plan to destabilize the government.

Anatomy of the scene

Veteran actor Kader Khan addresses the party workers in the scene. “Nowhere in the Geeta or Ramayana (religious texts) is it written that the government which has been in power for years should continue to remain. We, too, have every right to form a government, and we will do so no matter what!” he vows.

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He says that for the plan to succeed, the party will have to “win the elections”. And how will they go about doing so? “By winning the people’s trust,” he says, pausing to chuckle in a signature Bollywood villain fashion. “And to win the people’s trust, we will have to remove the people’s trust from the government.”

People will have to be conditioned to believe that the government is “incompetent and dysfunctional”, he adds. And for that, in every town and village of every province, there must be “fear, restlessness, and crime” rampant. His associate then says that at this point, the party will “step out”, “get on stage” and “bad mouth the government”.

“We will then tell them that if there is someone who can save the people. It is us and a government under us.”

Check it out!

Khan did not name any individual or group specifically. However, it looks he used a Bollywood reference to throw shade at the Opposition’s Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) in particular. PDM is said to be aimed at removing the premier and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government from power.

It only reeks of hypocrisy how the premier lectured us on the degeneracy of Bollywood a few days ago and it now himself using a Bollywood movie to teach political morality.

It may be recalled that PM earlier described the rampant sexual violence in the country as a Western and an Indian import. At this point, we have just lost track of his unapologetic U-turns!

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